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Hand-warmer mug

designed for your time

Ozio, design gadgets and accessories

It’s your time to inspire us!

The time you dedicate to yourself by deciding to ignore, at least for a little while, the frenzy of a world that often makes us more distant than really connected to our needs.

We create intuitive products with an original design, made to last over time and therefore far removed from the logic of disposability. We create unique and original accessories designed for recreational leisure. Original and affordable design gadgets and accessories.

Every single product combines creativity with the desire to bring value to the time that everyone chooses to dedicate to themselves.

hand-warmer mug
special bookmark design
Christmas design bookmark
Bookmark gift reading

Take back your time, give yourself a moment of leisure.

By proposing a new design concept, modern, simple and of quality, Ozio invites you to take back your time and your space. Ozio drives you to the (re)discovery of the pleasure of stopping, of interrupting the incessant flow of the outside world, to dedicate time to yourself. To do. To create. With imagination, with emotion, with personality.

Stop and get inspired with Ozio!

For companies

We believe that our products are a starting point, not a final destination. Ozio products are unique, designed and tailored to your company. For the precious gestures and small actions that qualify free time, space and moments of relaxation.

Discover all the customization possibilities and let yourself be inspired by the projects of those who have already created their special items.

bookmark gadget for companies