“Idleness is not doing nothing.
Idleness is being free to do anything.”

(Floyd Dell)

Leisure to cultivate passions

For us, leisure represents the time in which we are free to devote ourselves to our passions and interests. Often you have to escape the constant flow of everyday worries in order to regain your perspective on the world. To be yourself.

It’s your time to inspire us.

The time you dedicate to yourself by deciding to ignore, at least for a little while, the frenzy of a world that often makes us more distant than really connected to our needs.

Practical, intuitive objects with an original design.

Ozio’s products are dedicated to your quality time, to make it more intense, more pleasant, and freeing.

They are our antidote to a life that is always in a hurry, to put simple gestures back at the center, the moments we dedicate to ourselves and our passions.

Each one of them has been dreamed up by our design team, which is why they are unique. We design them to last over time, so as to best preserve the planet’s resources.


Who is Ozio?

Ozio is a brand born from the creativity of Piero Quintiliani, a designer who has been active since 2002 in providing consultancy to brands that operate internationally. Ozio is a small revolution, a project that aspires to lead people to rediscover the precious gestures and small actions that qualify free time and moments of relaxation.

Ozio accompanies people to the (re) discovery of the pleasure of stopping, of suspending the incessant flow of the outside world to dedicate themselves to themselves. To do. To create. With imagination, with emotion, with personality.

“Ozio proposes objects capable of rediscovering an emotional bond with the matter. To recover a tactile dimension, concrete and antithetical dimension to the virtual. With Ozio products we want to amplify people’s moments of pleasure” explains Quintiliani, “through a modern, accessible, and high-quality design. Products designed to last over time, far from the logic of disposable. “

Discover our products designed to make you find your time.