Keep your pen near.

QUI,the magnetic pen holder

Are you looking for a pen or pencil amongst the chaos of your home or office? Look no further; here is Qui. Qui (which means “here” in Italian) is a magnetic pen and pencil holder that allows you to attach them wherever you like.

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The magnetic clip fits your pen or pencil and allows it to stick to any metal surface. For non-metallic surfaces – for example, if you want to clip the pen to your diary or agenda –

Qui comes complete with an adhesive magnetic disk that can be attached to any surface: on a wall, on a computer, on a bag or on a notebook.

QUI,the magnetic pen holder

With Qui your pens and pencils are always where you want to find them, with the benefit of a splash of color that makes it easier to spot them at a glance.

The product is the winner of the A Design Award

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QUI is disponible in 6 different colors (blue, red, green, orange, black and white)

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